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Good Entertainment Makes Parties More Fun

Everyone who knows me well tells me that I should become a professional party planner! I just love throwing parties, and I am very proud to say that many people enjoy my parties so much that they ask me for tips when they are planning their own. One aspect of a party that I never forget is the need for good entertainment. While, of course, everyone enjoys mingling and interacting with each other during a party, good conversation is no substitute for good party entertainment. Guests love getting to sit back and watch a good band, magician, or even a circus juggler, and I think these acts really make a party memorable. Of course, there are many other types of party entertainers, and I decided to start a blog to share my entertainment tips and experiences with others who need a little inspiration! Check out my posts and enjoy!


Look-Alike, Tribute Artist Or Celebrity Impersonator...Do You Know The Difference Between Them?

If the bulk of your experience with lookalikes, tribute artists, and celebrity impersonators thus far has consistently seeing a show in Las Vegas, you should know that there are distinct differences between the three. For instance, look-alikes will typically bear an uncanny resemblance to a specific celebrity, but won't sound, walk or otherwise remind you of that person. A tribute artist strives to sound as much like the person in question, but otherwise, may not remind you of that celebrity at all. In comparison, celebrity impersonators will often go to great effort to resemble a celebrity in every way, including modifying their appearance, voice, mannerisms, etc. Therefore, if you plan to visit an area in the near future and hope to see a show featuring celebrity impersonators, tribute artists or lookalikes, it's a good idea to consider the facts shared below.

What To Expect From A Look-alike Show

In general, look-alikes will do their best to live up to their title...and that's it. Specifically, natural hair may be dyed, cut or otherwise groomed in a similar manner to the celebrity in question. Wigs are also common, as are hairpieces and the liberal use of cosmetics.  

Some look-alikes have even been known to undergo plastic surgery to heighten their similarity to the famous person. Look-alikes regularly make an effort to sound like the celebrity or emulate that person in any way they can. 

Opting To Watch A Tribute Artist In Action         

A tribute artist is usually one or more persons with a good singing voice who have amplified that ability with extensive practice and singing or speech classes. The ultimate goal for most tribute artists is to sound as much like a famous person as possible, including their voice inflections, regional accent, and word usage. When applicable, songs made famous by that celebrity are sung. When more than one person is singing, they are often referred to as a tribute or cover band

While you might be able to close your eyes when listening to a tribute artist and think you're in the same room as the celebrity, that illusion will be shattered when you open your eyes. That is because, regardless of their vocal abilities and verbal mimicry skills, a tribute artist is unlikely to resemble the celebrity in any other way. In fact, it's not unusual for a tribute artist of one gender to spend time providing an excellent and authentic emulation of a celebrity of another gender.        

Choosing To Observe Celebrity Impersonators    

A third option to consider when you are looking for unique entertainment is attending a celebrity impersonation show. Those professionals are the whole package and will strive to be identical in every possible way to the famous person. That means that some celebrity impersonators spend years honing their skills and many of them have been mistaken for that famous person in public.        

In conclusion, there is little doubt that the shows like The Edwards Twins featuring celebrity impersonators, tribute artists, and look-alikes are usually an enjoyable experience for the audience, particularly if the person being emulated is a favorite. However, in order to have the best experience as a member of the audience, you need to be aware of the information discussed above.